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Our ERA 427 SC Cobra

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1965 427 SC, All Aluminum Ford 427 Sideoiler, 600+ Horsepower, Hang On!!!

All Aluminum Ford 427 Sideoiler (by Dan Galina)

488 Cubic Inch Stroker

Crower Steel Billet Stroker Crank (3.78)

Carillo Rods W/2.2 Rod Journals

Forged Pistons, 10.5/1 Compression

Roller Rockers

Manley Stainless Steel Valves

Guardsman Blue

Wimbledon White

Black Leather

Tremec TKO-600 5 Speed

.64/1 fifth gear for 70mph at less than 2000 rpm

Jag Based Rear End / 3.31 Limited Slip

6 Pin Halibrand 15" Wheels

Dunlop GT Qualifier Tires

In Wixom, Michigan visiting the Coffee Beanery.


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